Arthritis Screening


CBC,Complete Blood Count (27 test), ASO (Quantitative), Antistreptolysin O (1test), CRP (Quantitative), C-Reactive protein (1test), RA (Quantitative), Uric Acid,(1test), Phosphorus (1test)


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    Need for Arthritis Screening in Pune:

    • RA factors attack glands, healthy joints, and normal cells. A blood test for arthritis helps to diagnose Rheumatoid arthritis.
    • This test is required to improve the quality of life as you cannot walk properly with RA.
    • If it remains undiagnosed, RA leads to permanent joint damage and deformity. The inflammation affects tissues surrounding muscle, tendon, and ligaments.
    • It affects various vital organs in the body such as lungs, heart, eyes, nerves, and skin, So, an arthritic diagnostic test is needed to prevent multiple organ damage.
    • The doctor recommends taking this test if you show signs of rheumatoid arthritis.

    Arthritis Can Lead to Severe Joint Inflammation and Damage. It’s Always Helpful to Opt for Preventive Arthritis Health Check and Avoid Hindrance In Your Daily Life Due to Severe Arthritis.

    Free Body Composition Analyzer Test

    A body composition analysis is the technique of measurement used when examining the body to determine the percentage of body mass that is fat compared to muscle. It can also indicate where the fat and muscle are carried within the body.


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