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Health Watch (Male) – 107 Tests


Lipid profile (9 test), (LFT) liver profile test (11 test), Kidney function test(KFT) (8 test), TFT (TSH, T3, T4 – 3 test), IRON Magnesium ( 4 Test), Complete Blood Count (27 test), Urine Routine (23 test), Sugar (Fasting) 3 Test, Vitamins (B12 / D) (2 Test), HBA1C (2 Test), Electrolyte (3 test), HLAB-27 & 7 (2 Test), PSA (Total – 1 test), SLF Screen (ANA)(1 test), Prothrombin Time (5 test), RA (Quantitative – 1 test), LDH (Serum – 1 test), Creatinine Kinase (CPK Total – 1 test) Total – 107 Tests


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    Need for Ultimate Health Watch Male Body Checkup

    • Full body test at home helps to detect fatal disorders. It helps to take proper medicines and treatment plans under the guidance of a doctor.
    • The chances of therapy and treatment getting increased with the prior diagnosis of various illnesses.
    • The clinician prescribes a full-body test package if you are showing the signs of certain chronic or severe illnesses.
    • It helps to prevent the requirement of costly and perilous surgeries.
    • The early detection of various ailments helps to adopt healthy habits such as exercise, a healthy diet, and weight loss. You must also include green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet.

    Poor eating habits and busy life adversely impact the health of a person. Complications such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, and heart disease are the key things to worry about. Many of these ailments are detectable at an early stage of life. If remain undiagnosed or detected at the later stages then causes serious health concerns. People with heavy drinking, smoking, no physical exercise, and obesity also require a full-body test package in Maharashtra.

    It is quite essential to identify disorders at an early stage. Timely health check-ups provide the detailed status of your well-being. You will get tested for various ailments and the doctor can prescribe medicines and treatment plans accordingly. This online full-body check-up includes tests such as thyroid profile, blood glucose fasting, HbA1c, vitamin D, urine analysis, kidney function test, lipid profile, liver function test, and complete hemogram. 

    Free Body Composition Analyzer Test

    A body composition analysis is the technique of measurement used when examining the body to determine the percentage of body mass that is fat compared to muscle. It can also indicate where the fat and muscle are carried within the body.


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