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CBC-Complete Blood Count (27 test), Sugar (Random) (3 test), Blood Group,(1 test), HIV,HIV ,1& 2 (1 test), HBSAG,(Hepatitis B surface antigen) (2 test), VDRL,Venereal disease research laboratory (Syphilis) (1 test), TSH (1 test), Urine Routine (23 test) – 59 Test

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    In today’s fast-paced world we have forgotten to take care of our health. We don’t eat a balanced meal, sleep properly, and exercise. These are the factors that are giving rise to lifestyle-related disorders such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, fatty liver, and kidney failure. The illnesses are impacting the overall quality of our life. It happens as various underlying causes of the health risk remain undiagnosed. A full-body test at home helps to identify the underlying cause of the disease. Diagnosis at the early stage will help to lead a stress-free and healthy life. The test package includes glucose fasting, urine analysis, iron studies, HbA1c, thyroid test, KFT, LFT, lipid profile, and complete hemogram.

    Free Body Composition Analyzer Test

    A body composition analysis is the technique of measurement used when examining the body to determine the percentage of body mass that is fat compared to muscle. It can also indicate where the fat and muscle are carried within the body.


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